Cooling Tower Service and Maintenance

cooling towers are essential in the functioning of most large-scale industries as well as smaller-scale businesses. Unfortunately, some industries do not value the importance of cooling tower cleaning and maintenance. It is necessary to come up with a regular maintenance schedule to clean and maintain the cooling tower at least twice a year. Cooling Tower Service and Maintenance play a significant role in getting rid of insects, dirt, dust, and pollen that build up in the system over time. These particles cause an array of problems, such as affecting energy efficiency, health issues, and encouraging microorganism growth.

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Save money

One of the primary benefits of tower cooling cleaning and maintenance is saving money incurred in operations and energy usage. For instance, a dirty cooling tower takes a long time and works harder than a clean tower to achieve similar cooling goals. Consequently, the strain results to stress on the system of exchangers and chillers because it has to function at a higher condensing pressure to meet the needs of the load. The increased stress on your system lowers the lifespan of the tower and increases maintenance requirements. Thus, you are forced to use a lot of money to maintain, repair or replace the system.

Clean operation

Cooling tower needs to be maintained clean all through so that its components are free of obstructions. Also, a neglected cooling tower results to higher than usual return water temperatures to the system, which leads to higher energy usage. The heat exchangers and chillers system begin to use more energy than required because it needs to function at a higher condensing pressure than necessary to satisfy the load. Additionally, the cooling tower must perform for a longer time than usual at a higher fan horsepower as it tries to reach the design cold water temperature.

Lasts longer

Well maintained and clean cooling tower operate as required. Therefore, they will last longer than poorly maintained cooling towers. Besides, since you will not be required to repair the system regularly, its lifespan is increased.

Functions well

Regular cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers function at peak levels because it does not have to strain to function. After all, a clean system is free of obstructions, which makes it efficient. Also, regular maintenance ensures that you notice signs of a fault or you realize even the most minor fault or damage. Such minor defects can interfere with the proper function of a cooling tower system. Thus, cleaning and maintaining the system gives you the opportunity to discover the defects before they intensify and address them immediately.

Operate safely

A dirty cooling tower is hazardous because it poses a health risk to workers in the industry. Besides, legionnaire's disease is spread from the untreated tower, dirty, and cooling towers that have faulty drift eliminators, water splash-out, leaks or dirty fill pack. Therefore, it is integral to maintain and clean cooling towers to ensure the safety of your industry. Reliable cooling tower service and maintenance are not as costly as most people think or expect, but it is worth the investment.